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19 August 21

What is CRM


CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management; the name is self-explanatory. Going by the terminology, it is a simple process of managing customer interactions. But, then why is this management important? The answer is simple – ‘Improve Business!

When you put new strategies, measures, and ideas to manage your relationship with your customers, you constantly stay connected with them for better customer insights. Whether it is through social interactions, purchase orders, referral customers, or your potential clients, these insights help you learn more about the people of your interest. And the secret behind this is to drive customer retention and grow business sales while improving business performance and productivity. 

Abiding by advancing technology, CRM is software that businesses use to analyze, manage, and collect customer data to streamline, automate, and synchronize every aspect of business functioning. 

Now, let’s get into understanding the real-time benefits of CRM.

Do you know how many of your customers are having problems with your product or service? Do you know how many customers are having a tough time making an online purchase? Are you assured that your team is regularly following up with the leads? Is the communication with your potential clients regular and fulfilling? Is your marketing strategy reaching the right audience? Looking for an answer to all these queries, you get only one tech solution – CRM.