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02 February 21

Understanding the Incredible Power of Salesforce


“The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer”

The above quote by Peter Drucker clearly explains the importance of maintaining customer relationships for the success of a business. And Salesforce here comes as a blessing for organizations around the world with the massive progression of the technology as an innovative and comprehensive platform in the CRM market.

Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software solution based on cloud computing technology. The technology has worked successfully to connect companies and customers on an integrated platform that works intelligently to feed all the operational departments of the companies with views, experiences, purchase behaviours, and complaints of each and every customer while addressing all the business needs in an efficient manner.

What Does Salesforce Do

‘What are the uses of salesforce’ is a common concern for businesses looking for effective CRM solutions. The uses are well indicated through salesforce login when developers authenticate the resources available in the cloud.

  • Connect companies and customers on an innovative and integrated CRM platform
  • Helps attract more buyers through improved and personalized sales and marketing strategies
  • Attract increased number of customers by analyzing and understanding their needs and concerns
  • Deliver personalized shopping experience to customers based on individual expectations
  • Respond faster and deal smartly with customers’ concerns and complaints

Why Salesforce is Important

The instant hit of Salesforce caters to its cloud computing technology with improved performance at a fraction of cost. In recent years, it has experienced massive growth as a transformative technology that has revolutionized the way organizations and businesses work. Earlier, companies used to host the Customer Relationship Management solutions on their own servers, making it a costly and time-consuming solution. However, with Salesforce, the entire business model came to a rapid transformation with a cost-effective CRM solution, shifting everything to cloud storage.

In simpler words to mention, Salesforce helps unify all core functions of a business so that companies can efficiently sell, market, collaborate, provide services, and gain customer insights through one single platform.

What Power Salesforce Drives

‘Security’ and ‘Reliability’ are the two parameters that define the core of any business. In the current business scenario with all its focus on customer experience, what comes to your mind first when you think of business growth? Two important questions that keep lingering on your mind, ‘Are you giving your customer what they want?’ & ‘How well you know about the needs and aspirations of your target audience?’

This is where Salesforce comes into force. On the same lines, when integrating Salesforce with business operations, it provides profit, growth, & accountability while keeping the enterprise management operations safe and secure.  It does more than what one can imagine in an enterprise; meeting customers’ needs, easing financial calculations, reinventing marketing strategies, and much more. Stating that Salesforce is an ‘All in One’ software to help your business create a new horizon would undeniably be a justified statement.