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01 February 21

Top 5 Soft Skills That Matter for A Future-Proof Career


It’s 2021 and the job market has seen a major shift – from office-based jobs to work-at-home schedules. And along with many other changes and additions one prominent factor that job seekers as well job recruiters should be aware of is – soft skills! Whether you are working from home or in an office, you must possess or showcase your soft skills as these are essentials parts of your success.

Soft Skills in a Nutshell

In simpler terms, these soft skills are skills that are non-technical and these relate to your working pattern. These skills mostly include but are not limited to your:

  • 1. Creative ability as well as innovativeness
  • 2. Interactions and communications with your clients as well as your colleagues
  • 3. Management of work
  • 4. Problem-solving skills

As a candidate or job seeker, you must be aware of the top soft skills employers are looking for in 2021. It will help you bag your dream job and get success at work. Here are 6 top soft skills that hiring managers and employers are looking for in 2021.

Problem-Solving Skills

Employers want a candidate who is not afraid of solving a problem but is interested to solve it in a creative way. Your logical thinking and creativity will help you develop solutions. It is a fact that every job comes with hurdles and your ability to overcome those obstacles without running away is your USP.

Emotional intelligence

You must have high emotional intelligence. It will help you in perceiving, evaluating, and responding to other people’s emotions along with yours. So, you have to have empathy. You must be a part of the interpersonal relationships of your workplace.

Leadership Skills

Without leadership skills, you can’t achieve that desired success. You have to be fair in your approach, own the ability to create a good team, guide your peers and subordinates effectively, and also work to achieve organizational objectives. Along with other soft skills you have to show that you have the ability to grow beyond your role.

Communication Skills

You must possess the skills of efficiently communicating messages to your people. The messages can be of any form of vis-à-vis verbal or nonverbal. Communication plays a crucial role in confirming your role in the modern-day digital era. You must have a clear understanding of the strength and weaknesses of your team members so as to efficiently being able to communicate them the plan as well as delegate the same most efficiently. 

Listening Skills

Being a good observer and a patient listener is a virtue for a good manager. This also connotes his optimistic approach. Being a good listener can enable him to motivate others. It is this quality present in him that enables him to gather information pertaining to the strength and weaknesses of his team and that of his team members.

The Bottom Line

These are only a bunch of soft skills that matter for a future-proof career. Each of these soft skills helps you create your own repository of experience, understanding, and knowledge. These skills also give you the foresight to apprehend the future, making your presence immune to failure. This, in turn, becomes a blessing in disguise for the organization and hence the soft skills have become an integral part of the present and future of the job market.