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05 May 21

Top 5 CRM Implementation Myths


“All of your customers are partners in your mission”.

Indeed, quoted by Shep Hyken, the quote mentioned above reflects the essence of customers in a business. They are profoundly known as the backbone of a business wherein one customer becomes a ladder to reach hundreds or even a thousand customers.

Go to ground zero and think about the actual cause or purpose of starting your business. Whatever dimensions you look at, whatever mission you hold at the core of your business, wherever you plan to reach amidst the competition, one thing stays common. And that is none other than the customer. If you look at it wisely, you will realize that business is not about products or services but all about customer acquisition and retention. Here comes the picture ‘Customer Relationship Management (CRM) – A Bridge Between Consumers and Organizations’. Amidst the competitive business battle, the need and significance of CRM are on a constant rise.

At one edge where the technology is working as an intersection of all strategies, operations, techniques, tools, and technologies within an organization, the other edge experiences a compilation of CRM implementation myths. And these myths are a matter of concern when business growth and success are at stake.

Here are the top 5 CRM Implementation Myths:

Myth 1: CRM Integration with Other Applications is Either Impossible or Complex

Many intelligent leaders and business tycoons say that CRM integration with other business systems is the most challenging aspect. However, the truth remains that CRM exposes you to a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities through plugins and varied integrations. There are many open APIs that enable businesses to integrate any required third-party application to their CRM application.

Myth 2: CRM can Benefit only Fortune 500 Companies

This is just a guff and nothing else. You should kick away the thought of expensive applications and complex functionality. This is because if you are dealing with customers at any point in your business, then nothing can be more prosperous and beneficial than CRM software. Across various budgets and enterprises, you can conveniently centralize all your business operations while ensuring a strong customer management strategy.

Myth 3: CRM is Complicated

This is another CRM myth that should blow away. This is because you need not be a technology expert to run the software. All the features, functionalities, and applications integrated within the software are user-friendly and require basic computer knowledge. And that’s something you and me, we all possess in the digital era. However, there may be learnings and complexities about the specific platforms, but that also is easy to learn and quick to grasp.

Myth 4: CRM is Time Consuming

Some businesses avoid using the software with the belief of wasting a great deal of time. Just one experiment and you will open yourself to a vast world of innovations with streamlined business operations. In fact, the process of extracting data, importing spreadsheets, and other essential business operations have become easy and convenient, providing a time-saving lifeline.

Myth 5: CRM Poses a Risk on Data Security

Data is the critical element of every business. And when a technology advancement like CRM ensures to improve your customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction, how can it hamper data security? CRM ensures that all data is stored, handled, and shared in a completely secured environment with an uptime of over 99%. With CRM providing high-end security to your data, you are left with more time to work on parameters to improve customer loyalty and ROI.

The Bottom Line

Many other misconceptions fuel these myths. However, you will learn the impact of CRM and have strong faith in the platform with time and attention to detail. CRM is for your benefit; take advantage of its maximum potential and let your business grow to its highest potential.