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01 December 20

Salesforce is Shaping the Future of Work


The pandemic has carried us to a whole new world of extremes and uncertainties. On one hand, economies have fallen, many businesses have come to a temporary halt, careers have come to a standstill, millions of students are out of school, international travel has come down to its lowest, and global businesses have adopted the work-from-home feature. The situation is worst, even beyond how much we can imagine. At the same precise moment, everyone is spinning their confines to making businesses and global economy accelerate at high speed. At this crossroad, technology enablement is the only thing that has helped bridge the gap between the disaster the covid crisis has created and acceleration required for the recovery phase. 

Considering the current scenario of the covid timeline, there are many technologies and software that are shaping the future of work and helping businesses tide over the covid pandemic. One such technology is Salesforce, the cloud technology. 

Salesforce introduced as a leading CRM software has now become a significant driver to business growth and success with a bunch of added features, functionalities, and technologies. Talking about the importance of Salesforce today, it can transform the way the business operates, automate business operations, improve the ways to connect with customers and prospects and optimize employee collaboration. Moreover, with continuous improvements and innovations integrated into the top-rated CRM software, Salesforce holds the most practical solutions to help businesses sail smoothly while building custom applications to fit varying business needs seamlessly. Precisely, Salesforce has become the most comfortable and convenient route to recovery.

Here are some of the important ways Salesforce is leveraging its technologies to empower businesses and help them scale to its maximum efficiency:


Work.com is a comprehensive suite of applications, resources, and content introduced by Salesforce in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic. The sudden and unexpected shift to remote working was the key inspiration behind the introduction. From contact tracing and workplace safety to workforce reskilling and tech adoption, the suite has all the supporting technologies required to meet the day-to-day challenges of remote working as well as resuming to full-scale operations. 

Salesforce Cloud Products

Salesforce has also come up with various cloud technologies to help support and manage a remote team. The products were put to introduction seeing the bigger picture of cloud computing in the future business world. Some of the key examples of such products are Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Revenue Cloud, and Salesforce Commerce. Quick responding to customer needs, easy integration of chatbots, strategizing customer fostering initiatives, accelerating negotiated sales, and handling the traffic surge due to the pandemic; all are just a few benefits of cloud products that play an integral role as companies fight their battles against the corona pandemic. 

COVID-Specific Tools                                                         

Salesforce has come up with a vast pool of insights and tools to help businesses manage and accelerate their operations through the crisis. Some noteworthy tools include COVID-19 Data Hub and COVID-19 Response Playbook. COVID-19 Data Hub allows companies to access and analyze global data concerning the covid outbreak. On the other hand, COVID-19 Response Playbook will enable companies to mitigate short-term risks and visualize a bigger picture by helping them create a stabilized business framework in adherence to the post-pandemic economy. 

The Bottom Line

With so many advanced and innovative products coming up in the Salesforce ecosystem for the betterment of the business economy, it is important to connect with a reliable salesforce partner. This will help businesses navigate uncertainties and gain maximum advantage in the covid-plagued world. The post covid world will have a completely different working environment, and so are the salesforce consulting partners rolling their sleeves to stay aligned to the customized business needs of the post covid world.