05 March 21

Know the Business Applications of Hadoop


Business firms operating in the corporate sector have been incorporating Hadoop in their operational infrastructure, considering its assortment of benefits. Particularly, processing and storing of data becomes simplified with a Java-based framework.

For large companies, Hadoop can prove very economical, given that the process involves data storage on cheap servers. Evaluating historical data records of various companies, Hadoop enables companies to make intelligent business decisions.

Know about the various business applications of Hadoop.

Assessing Customers’ Needs

Hadoop proves effective in assessing the requirements of customers. Significantly, companies operating in the financial and telecom domains incorporate this technology. In the process, they can scrutinize large volumes of data. They extract valuable insights from social media and other platforms using Hadoop. Accordingly, business houses can shape their respective marketing strategies.

Once a company evaluates its customers’ needs, it can come up with a better targeting strategy. Presently, many eCommerce companies are using Hadoop to study user intentions.

Financial Trading to Forecast

In the field of trading, Hadoop is put to extensive use. The complex algorithm present in Hadoop is capable of scanning markets. Business firms in the trading and investment industry incorporate specific predefined criteria or conditions. The process works without the interaction of humans. The process is automated and proves beneficial, particularly when no one is present to keep track of the work. You will notice the extensive incorporation of Hadoop in high-frequency trading. The intelligent algorithms present here to take care of business decisions.

Business Process Optimization

The intelligent mechanisms in Hadoop make it suitable for business process optimization. In different industries, marketers incorporate Hadoop for their individual needs. For instance, in the retail sector, the stocks can be customized based on predictions generated by sources like Google and social media search. An educated guess enables marketers to strategize their policies accordingly. This can leverage your marketing strategies, helping you to maximize your gains.

Hadoop also finds a place in various businesses due to its practical analytical abilities. It can prevent losses by optimizing the overall process of business. Often, companies deploy cost-cutting strategies based on intelligent insights backed by Hadoop. The effective analysis also enables business houses to improve performance.

Machine Performance Optimization 

Besides optimizing the overall business process, Hadoop is also capable of optimizing the performance of machines. In mechanical industries, it is used in optimizing machine performance through automation. Particularly, self-driven cars with a camera, sensors and GPS can operate without human intervention. In the automation industry, Hadoop is extensively used, thanks to its intelligent mechanism.

Detecting Security Breaches

Owing to the rising risk of malware attacks, several business houses are deploying Hadoop to secure their IT segments. Using intelligent systems, data breaches can be prevented before they happen. For instance, Hadoop is capable of detecting suspicious activities of employees by accessing data meticulously. Showing early signs of possible cyber or malware attacks, it secures your system. With Hadoop, evaluating data after storing them becomes easy.

Currently, business firms from various industries are counting on Hadoop to bolster their respective infrastructures. The flexibility and versatility of Hadoop make it ideal for most business niches.