22 May 21

Flexing a Positive And Flexible Work Culture in mindZcloud And mindZvue


Gone are the days of a 40 hours-a-week work schedule. Lost is the notion of the 9 to 6 job in the modern-day world. Remote working is the new paradigm that is on its way. And we at mindZcloud & mindZvue are impactfully driven by the wind of this transition.

Going by the statistics, 88% of the workforce in India prefer to have the flexibility of working from home and 69% believe their productivity has increased working remotely. SAP Concur commissioned the research in the APAC region to review employee responses, where Indian respondents showed a significant impact. Another study reveals 96% of employees aspire to have job flexibility but only 48% of working parents and 33% of non-parents experience this freedom of flexibility.

Similarly, there are numerous studies and researches done globally. But have you ever come across analysis or data to show your presence and your worth as a mother, father, son, husband, or wife? The responsibilities are endless, but productive family hours recede with stringent deadlines, tight schedules, and long working hours at the workplace. So, where should you stand when your family needs you?

Here, we soothe your query. You are important, not only to us but to your family too. We understand your team needs you. But there is one team that needs your constant attention, the home team. And we strive to provide you with the necessary time, but with no compromises on your salary packages. 

Striving to create a flexible work culture in a warm, compassionate, and employee-centric environment, we do travel deeper into the core of our organization and the needs of your family. We also promote inclusiveness and diversity that helps build a cross-cultural understanding of colleagues, clients, and customers around the world. This, in turn, makes the work environment more enriching and stimulating.

Going ahead, we have stood beside all our employees and associates in all ways possible to help, support, and guide them in their toughest hour. We have also been an active instrument to help India tide over the covid crisis by organizing webinars to spread awareness and creating a database of plasma donors in Nagpur. 

While every organization has tight timelines and hectic work schedules, so do we. But we are sure that happy employees return with a higher sense of responsibility and productivity. With this belief, mindZcloud & mindZvue debunk the traditional work notion while keeping our employees’ needs and aspirations in the front and centre.