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12 November 21

Exploring Popular Certifications for Salesforce Specialists


Salesforce has already made its name when it comes to customer relationship management. Also, it offers plenty of products for small businesses. The companies of all sizes under Salesforce have been utilizing the Salesforce product and services available across the wide range of the industry, starting from the automotive and Healthcare to the nonprofits, retail, media, and finance. The article will take you to a virtual world of Salesforce certification programs, beneficial for a promising career.

Popular Certification Pathways beneficial for Salesforce Specialists

Salesforce architect certification:

Salesforce has come with his approach for the architect certifications that had started in 2016. The architect certifications are available under the different categories:

  • – Salesforce certified technical architect
  • – Salesforce certified application architect
  • – Salesforce certified system architect

Salesforce consultant certification:

When it comes to understanding the Salesforce job market, the opportunities are immense, and so are the certifications. Some of the popular certifications are as follows divided as per different categories of Salesforce jobs:

Certifications for the administrators:

Needless to say that administrators are the backbone when it comes to Salesforce. So some of the essential certifications are:

  • – Salesforce certified administrator
  • – Salesforce certification for advanced administrator

Certification for developers:

There are different certifications for the developers associated with Salesforce, including the following:

  • – Salesforce certified commerce cloud digital developer certification
  • – Salesforce platform developer I certification
  • – Salesforce certified platform developer II certification

For developers, the route is very varied. Many Salesforce developers from a programming background have other vendor-specific certifications. Set of certificates are:

  • – Cloud Digital Developer
  • – Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I
  • – Certified Platform Developer II

These certificates, combined with User Experience, Javascript, or other certifications, gear your career towards a profitable job opportunity as a Salesforce Developer.

Certifications for the app Builders:

Every industry, every job profile needs a supportive certification. This ensures the availability of implementation experts.  

  • – Salesforce certified platform app builder certification is one of the vital certifications that one should consider if looking to consider a job in mobile app development.

Deciding the Certificates for a Promising Career

Deciding which Salesforce Certificates to be earned can be tricky, especially when someone is at the beginning of a career. Starting with the Salesforce Certified Administrator qualification will be very beneficial to set the long-term objectives. Also, it can land someone an entry-level job as a Salesforce administrator. Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator qualification helps an admin get the promotions needed in their career life. In addition to the certification list that we’ve listed above, consultants get the option to acquire some other certifications. Renewing Salesforce certifications involves a lot of ongoing training, rather than the involvement of re-testing, having an extensive portfolio of qualifications.

The Bottom Line 

Salesforce is a vast field with a wide range of certifications that will match the professionals’ requirements for the varied backgrounds. And so, developing the knowledge base and having expertise in your chosen field of interest is very important to becoming a renowned professional in any organization.